Reorganization of work in the digitized ecosystem

Work in the digitized ecosystem is being given a complete overhaul. The important thing will be focusing on people. Ultimately, people are pivotal for ensuring a company is moving in the right direction. Digitization creates the perfect platform for innovation. We will see new forms of collaboration and new business models, but also an increase in the automation of tasks that are currently performed by people. It is therefore crucial that our employees build their digital skills, as they are vital to our future success. In addition, we need work environments that are adapted to the respective conditions and standardized technologies that enable us to connect with each other. 8

Leadership will also change: In the future, leadership will be more participative and more virtual because managers will not have personal access to every employee. If we want to keep pace with digitization, we must make our organizations more decision-oriented to be able to make decisions faster.

Having consistently set out our HR priorities on this basis in 2015, we continued to pursue them in the year under review: