Headcount development

The Group’s headcount decreased by 3.1 percent compared with the end of 2015. Our segments showed countervailing trends to some extent: Measures to enhance efficiency, a slowdown in recruitment in the operating units, and higher take-up of early retirement for civil servants reduced the headcount in the Germany operating segment. As a result of the concentration of innovation-related activities across the Group, 480 employees of our Systems Solutions operating segment were transferred to our Germany operating segment as of January 1, 2016. Overall, the number of employees in our Germany operating segment decreased by 3.6 percent. The total number of employees in the United States operating segment increased by 1.3 percent at December 31, 2016 compared to December 31, 2015, due to an increase in network, backoffice and administrative, and customer support employees to support the growing T-Mobile US customer base. In our Europe operating segment, staff levels decreased by 4.4 percent compared with December 31, 2015, mainly as a result of efficiency enhancement measures in the operating segment, especially in Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia and Poland. In our Systems Solutions operating segment, the headcount decreased by 1.8 percent. This was mainly due to staff restructuring measures in Germany and abroad, and the aforementioned transfer of 480 employees to the Germany operating segment. The number of employees in the Group Headquarters & Group Services segment was down by 11.8 percent compared with the end of 2015, mainly due to the continued staff restructuring.