42 Events after the reporting period

Acquisition of Layer3 TV. On November 9, 2017, T-Mobile US signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares in online TV provider Layer3 TV, Inc. The agreement includes a cash purchase price of around USD 325 million. The transaction was completed on January 22, 2018. T-Mobile US expects the acquisition to further strengthen its TV and video portfolio and its plans include rolling out its own TV service in 2018.

U.S. dollar bond issue by T-Mobile US. In January 2018, T-Mobile US placed fixed-interest U.S. dollar bonds with a volume of USD 2.5 billion with institutional investors: an 8-year bond with a volume of USD 1.0 billion and a coupon of 4.500 percent and a
10-year bond with a volume of USD 1.5 billion and a coupon of 4.750 percent.

Share buy-back program at T-Mobile US. Under the share buy-back program begun in December 2017, T-Mobile US has bought back further ordinary shares in its own company in a volume of USD 0.4 billion on the capital market since the beginning of 2018. Together with the ordinary shares bought back in December 2017, the total volume of shares bought back so far amounts to USD 0.8 billion. Under the program, T-Mobile US may, until the end of 2018, buy back its own ordinary shares in the capital markets for a total amount of up to USD 1.5 billion.