2 Trade and other receivables

millions of €
  Dec. 31, 2017 Dec. 31, 2016
Trade receivables 9,553 9,179
Other receivables 169 183
  9,723 9,362

Of the total of trade and other receivables, EUR 8,125 million (December­ 31, ­2016: EUR 7,861 million) is due within one year.

The increase in trade receivables is primarily due to the small increase in receivables in each of the Europe, Group Development, and Germany operating segments. In the United States operating segment, receivables remained more or less unchanged from the prior-year level. The carrying amount increased as a result of the higher volume of receivables for terminal equipment sold under installment plans in connection with the market launch of higher-priced smartphones. This increase was offset by exchange rate effects from the translation from U.S. dollars into euros. Factoring agreements concluded or extended in the reporting period also reduced the carrying amount of receivables (please also refer to Note 36 “Financial instruments and risk management”).

The following table shows the maturity structure of the trade receivables that are not impaired at the reporting date:

millions of €
  Of which: Of which: not impaired on the reporting date and past due in the following periods
Trade receivables neither impaired nor past due on the reporting date Less than 30 days Between 30 and 60 days Between 61 and 90 days Between 91 and180 days Between 181 and 360 days More than 360 days
As of Dec. 31, 2017 4,107 340 89 60 66 35 52
As of Dec. 31, 2016 3,074 631 74 58 62 44 46

With respect to the trade receivables that are neither impaired nor past due, there were no indications as of the reporting date that the debtors will not meet their payment obligations.

The allowances on trade receivables developed as follows:

millions of €
  2017 2016
Allowances as of January 1 1,567 1,502
Currency translation adjustments (19) 10
Additions (allowances recognized as expense) 698 757
Use (490) (596)
Reversal (99) (106)
Allowances as of December 31 1,657 1,567

The following table presents expenses for the full write-off of trade ­receivables as well as income from recoveries on trade receivables written off:

millions of €
  2017 2016 2015
Expenses for full write-off of receivables 81 126 375
Income from recoveries on receivables written off 105 67 329