25 Other financial income/expense

millions of €
  2017 2016 2015
Income from investments 179 346 436
Gains (losses) from financial instruments (2,270) (2,136) (75)
Interest component from measurement of provisions and liabilities (178) (282) (272)
  (2,269) (2,072) 89

All income/expense components including interest income and expense from financial instruments classified as held for trading in accordance with IAS 39 are reported under other financial income/expense.

Income from investments includes the dividends of around EUR 0.2 billion received from the financial stake in BT (2016: EUR 0.2 billion). In the prior year, this item also included a final dividend of around EUR 0.2 billion ­received in connection with the sale of our stake in the EE joint venture. The dividend payments recognized in profit or loss related to the reclassification (to non-current assets and disposal groups held for sale) of the stake held in the joint venture; this reclassification was effected prior to sale.

Gains/losses from financial instruments comprise currency translation ­effects, including gains/losses of EUR –198 million (2016: gains of EUR 45 million; 2015: losses of EUR –295 million) from derivatives used as hedges in ­foreign-currency hedge accounting and gains/losses from other derivatives as well as measurements of equity investments totaling EUR –2,072 million (2016: losses of EUR –2,181 million; 2015: gains of EUR 220 million). Of the gains/losses from the measurement of equity investments recognized in the financial year, the amount of EUR 1.5 billion was attributable to impairments of the financial stake in BT recognized in profit or loss. These impairments comprise both the share price effect and the exchange rate effect. For further information, please refer to the explanations in Note 36 “Financial instruments and risk management” in the notes to the ­consolidated financial statements.