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The Financial Year 2014

Architecture of
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Deutsche Telekom Annual Report 2014 - multiple polygons Deutsche Telekom Annual Report 2014 - multiple polygons Deutsche Telekom Annual Report 2014 - multiple polygons

of the digital

We see ourselves as architects of the digital future, and we have big plans. Our exciting services and practical solutions will offer best customer experience. We want to create virtual spaces for our customers – spaces for entertainment, for working, for playing, for relaxing, and for living.

What exactly are we aiming for? We will standardize the network infrastructure in our European markets and simplify communications across borders even further. This will create a huge communications space, with plenty of room for emotions.

We will assume responsibility for Europe as a place of business by constantly improving ­transmission rates, providing the best networks, and ensuring the highest security standards. And as architects of digitization, we are supporting entire industries in connecting work, ­production, and sales.

„Europe's strength is its diversity, its creativity. We should be leveraging this to
create outstanding technological solutions and agree on common open standards
and open platforms.“

Timotheus Höttges
Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG

„We aim to become the leading European provider of ­innovative
platform-based products, along with secure, reliable information
and telecommunications solutions and services.“

Reinhard Clemens
Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management responsible for T-Systems

„Companies must provide their customers with more data privacy and
data security support. We need greater transparency and data privacy
regulations must be formulated in a way that everyone understands them.“

Thomas Kremer
Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management responsible for Data Privacy,
Legal Affairs and Compliance, Chief Human Resources Officer (interim)

„We want to generate added value for the company and our shareholders.
With an integrated network strategy in Germany and Europe, a consistent
finance strategy and by developing a forward-looking portfolio.“

Thomas Dannenfeldt
Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management responsible for Finance

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