Toll Collect arbitration proceedings. On May 16, 2018, Daimler Financial Services AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, and the Federal Republic of Germany reached an agreement to cease the Toll Collect arbitration proceedings. The settlement was notarized in early July 2018 and confirmed by the arbitral tribunal, bringing the arbitration proceedings to an end. The agreed settlement amount of around EUR 3.2 billion includes services previously provided to the Federal Republic of Germany. Daimler Financial Services AG and Deutsche Telekom AG have both agreed to make final payments of EUR 550 million each.

Claims relating to charges for the shared use of cable ducts. Regarding the legal proceedings brought by Unitymedia Hessen GmbH & Co. KG, Unitymedia NRW GmbH, and Kabel BW GmbH, an appeal filed by the plaintiffs was rejected by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court in its ruling of March 14, 2018. An appeal was not permitted. The plaintiffs filed a complaint against the non-allowance of appeal with the Federal Court of Justice.