Interim Group Report
January 1 to March 31, 2018

financial highlights

  • Adjusted EBITDA of 23.3 billion euros expected for full-year 2018
  • Revenue in organic terms rises 3.1 percent
  • EBITDA in organic terms increases 6.6 percent
  • Free cash flow up 12.5 percent to 1.4 billion euros
  • Increase of 32.8 percent in net profit
  • Over 10 million fiber-optic customers in Germany
  • T-Mobile US remains on course for success and raises target for customer growth
  • Sustained uptrend in Europe

At a Glance

Net revenue decreased to EUR 17.9 billion. Adjusted for exchange rate effects and the slightly negative effects of changes in the composition of the Group, net revenue rose 3.1 percent.

Interim Group
management report

The following changes were recorded as of the start of the year from the Group’s point of view:

Interim consolidated
financial statements

The statement of financial position, the income statement, the statement of comprehensive income, the statement of changes in equity, the statement of cash flows