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Group strategy.

Our strategy today is the foundation for our success tomorrow
Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunications and information technology, a position that we want to reinforce. This is no simple task; after all, the traditional access business markets are subject to intense competition. But we also see growth opportunities, for instance, in markets for mobile data usage and cloud and InternetInfo services.
We are still on course, but the challenges are greater than ever. Our strategy defines the framework for the long-term success of our Group. We formulated the Fix – Transform – Innovate strategy in 2010 which we have been implementing successfully ever since. This focus still applies today. We will keep following the charted course. We have also decided to further develop, simplify, and focus our strategy and center it even more firmly on the customer. This can also be seen in our new strategic vision:
Deutsche Telekom – My first choice for connected life and work.
With this approach we are focusing even more firmly on the customer. Whether consumers, business customers or corporate customers – we want to be everyone’s first choice. We intend to achieve this by concentrating on four strategic areas of operation as shown in Graphic G 17.
In implementing these four areas of operation, we focus on three principles: Compete, Transform and Innovate. Specifically, this means:
  • We compete for our customers to maintain or improve our market position.
  • We transform our processes and systems to remain competitive.
  • We innovate in all areas of our Company to achieve further growth and drive forward innovation.
Corporate strategy.
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